Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador


Imagine your employees as ambassadors

  • they think continuous improvement
  • they communicate their enthusiasm to colleagues, networks and clients
  • they act with passion to deliver the promise
  • they are productive and  influence positively

A Harvard study finds that Brand Advocacy is more important than brand image and customer satisfaction.  Advocating and promotiong a brand is significantly different than aiming for customer satisfaction, even customer loyalty.  It is the result of mobilized and engaged employees.

An ambassador program stuctures and promotes engagement.  We develop the action plan with the partners and working committee of the organization.  We support you through change and celebrate your successes!
  • we identify influencers and ambassadors
  • we train ambassadors and managers
  • we desing the toolbox 
  • we create the communication channels

Your employees ambassadros are your best spokesperson
  • they are proactive in attracting qualified talents - with cultural affinities
  • they are key in change management process
  • they convey key messages
  • they have exemplary behavior

You have everything to gain from a discussion with us. See how we can help you create a workforce committed to profitable growth.

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