Employee loyalty



We consider the brand as the company's foundation.  Its DNA (culture, purpose, values...) and the promise made to its different target groups:  customers, employees, partners, suppliers... its reputation which relies on the experience lived in contact with the brand.

Sustaining a strong brand requires an alignment between four components: people, technology-process, structure and finance.  The perception of the brand depends on the emotional contact we have with it.

At Illico Hodes, we believe people make the difference.  We rely on people to deliver distinctive employee experience that will provide a great customer experience and generate growth.  The more aligned, engaged and passionate the employees, the more they reinforce the brand and deliver the promise to customers.

ALIGN:  guide action towards the objectives of the company.
ENGAGE:  to ensure all adhere to it and find it meaningful.
ACTIVATE:  encourage transition to concrete behaviors.
STRENGTHEN:  ensure that changes are sustainable.

We provide consultancy services in all aspects of mobilization, communication and brand.  Our specialists are at the forefront of their fields.  We incorporate research, analysis, strategy and a co-creative perspective in our solutions - not because we think it works - but because et know it does.

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