Employer brand

Employer brand


A brand is the relationship based on trust between the company and its clienteles, internal and external. The brand:
  • is a beacon that helps the company steer in the right direction;
  • is uniquely positioned in the mind of its clients;
  • inspires its spokespeople and is reflected in their actions.

For a brand to attract and inspire consider the “W” factor:
  • why and who: the meaning, raison d’être and target audience;
  • what: its relevance in addressing expectations;
  • wow: a passion that energizes and resonates with people.

To break away
How can you discover and own your unique employer brand. From your DNA, emotional advantages, practices, reputation, brand positioning, and the true experience of your employees. Let us work with you on this inspiring journey.

10 reasons for a clear and strong employer brand:

  1. Attracts higher quality candidates
  2. Attracts candidates with better cultural fit
  3. Increases closing of passive candidates
  4. Decreases time-to-fill and cost-per-hire
  5. Decreases the turn over
  6. Increases employee referral
  7. Increases employee engagement
  8. Increases employee performance
  9. Decreases the absentee rate
  10. Increases the likelihood of having ambassadors for your company

Do you know how well-positioned is your employer brand?
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