New media

New media


Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube ... are buzzing in your ears as opportunities not to miss to reach and attract the talents you are looking for. But where to start? Let’s explore together the realm of possibilities in light of your objectives, with respect to your corporate culture.

Dialogue and social media
Authenticity, interaction and sharing: a dialogue anchored in equality! This is part of the Web 2.0 equation. Your various company’s spokespeople will give it its unique and distinctive character.

Web visibility and referencing
Your Careers section is the doorway to your company for candidates. Make sure it is:
  • ranking in search engine results (SEO/PPC) and its efficiency measurable
  • accessible to active and passive candidates
  • relevant, welcoming, inspiring
  • onveying the essence of your company

Damage control
Do you know what is being said on the Web about your company? In which communities? How can you capitalize on your findings?

Have an edge on your competitors
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We have developed a customized approach providing both a training workshop and a brainstorming opportunity for your HR team.  We offer content related to your needs, and practical exercises suited to your environment and current recruitment challenges.

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