CVManager Essential

CVManager Essential


Since 1999, the CVManager team and its clients have outdone themselves to improve this online talent acquisition tool. Its powerful database helps uncover rare gems in a few seconds, even among passive job seekers.

Our ultimate goal
Always improve the performance and reliability of this solution, while providing the user with a range of functionalities expected from a top-of-breed system.

Genius flows from simplicity

On a functional level, the product has achieved an enviable maturity. However for the sake of continuous improvement, we design each year many new functionalities, without weighing down the solution.

Rigor in flexibility
  • Proven implementation and production methodologies that simplify your life and ensure quality.Adapted to your environment and needs. The solution gives you an incomparable independence.
  • 80 % of the solution is configurable by you.
  • The Administration module is among the most exhaustive; it enables you to easily customize your application, in real time and without charge.

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